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Dirty Wedding Night

Dirty, Book #2.5

"I will always listen to your problems," he said, "and hold back your hair when you barf, and be patient with your moods." He glanced at me sidelong. "Even when you're on the rag and you get weepy." - Jesse Mayes

Featured Couple

Jesse & Katie, Jude & Roni, Zane & Maggie, Ash & Elle


A Dirty Wedding Night is a flaming-hot, four-story collection about what happens when a bunch of dirty-minded party guests are stranded overnight at a remote, glamorous wedding… and the clothes start coming off.

Character Bios

“Don’t be nice,” I said. “Okay. Have it your way.” He moved in, shoving up against me. “I’ve got more practice being an asshole anyway.” - Zane Traynor

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