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Flames & Flowers

Players, Book 4.5

"I did all those things you did when you were about to see someone you liked, a fuck of a lot, and you wanted them to like you back - and you were pretty sure that you might just get laid for your efforts." - Matt Brohmer

Featured Couple

Ash, Danica, and Matt


Flames and Flowers is an angsty friends-to-lovers / MMF romance about a mysterious, enigmatic rock star and the newlywed couple he falls head-over-heels for.

Character Bios

"Hormones, alcohol, and that blind bitch goddess, Hope, had circumvented my better senses. Combine those with the fact that Ashley Player was forged by the gods of fire and sex like a gift from hell's most sinful inferno, and his woman, Danica, was spun of sugar and spice and everything that was so fucking nice I wanted to get naked with it... and I was punch drunk on pheromones and the memory of that fucking kiss." - Matt Brohmer

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