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Handsome Devil: Bonus Epilogue

VanCity Villains, Bonus Material

"I have no idea. I just found out I'm pregnant. I don't know what it's going to be." I slid my hands over his. "But whatever it's going to be strong. It feels strong already. Like us." - Devi Sereda

Featured Couple

Dane & Devi


This is the bonus content epilogue for VanCity Villains #1 “Handsome Devil”, and can be downloaded directly for free from The epilogue takes place at Dane and Devi’s house, about a year into their marriage.

Character Bios

"I could see the years rolling out before us. Family holidays, Christmases and birthdays, loved ones drifting in and out to celebrate with us, in our home. And Dane, at the heart of it. My husband. My partner. Daddy to all the babies we'd have. Well...maybe one baby to start, and then we'd see." - Devi Sereda

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