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Hot Mess

Players, Book 1

"By now, I had vivid, detailed ideas about all the delicious things I wanted to do to him and his dick...over and over again. So I was gonna do them. Tonight. I was going to fuck him. In fact, I was pretty damn determined to give Ashley Player the ride of his fucking life tonight. I realized he was a rock star and a player and all, so that was probably a tall order. But I had some game..." - Danica Vola

Featured Couple

Ash & Danica


Hot Mess is a steamy, swoony second chance romance—with a twist—featuring a mistaken identity, an embarrassing tattoo, a broken, irresistible bad boy, and the woman who’s destined to be his.

Character Bios

"I want to know you, and if I don't know this stuff, I'm missing a huge part of you. I'm missing a huge part of your heart. And how can you truly care about someone if you don't know their whole heart?" - Danica Vola

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