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Irresistible Rogue

VanCity Villains, Book 4

"I'm going to give you an orgasm, you understand? You don't need to do anything. There's nothing wrong with your body or your mind. Any man who gets off on you and doesn't try to move heaven and earth to make you come is a fucking monster." - Shane Madrigal

Featured Couple

Shane & Jolie


Irresistible Rogue is an angsty and suspenseful enemies-with-benefits romance, featuring a mysterious alpha antihero, an inexperienced heroine on the verge of a steamy awakening, and a one night stand that ignites an all-consuming mutual obsession.

Character Bios

"He was lean but ripped as fuck, his arms sculpted, his skin a warm tan tone. I wasn't wrong when I was here the other day and saw him without a shirt on, or this morning, n my mom's backyard: he was hotter than I remembered. Or maybe my taste in what I found attractive had just matured over time from "member of boy band" to "battered, real life man", because he was all man and he was goddamn glorious." - Jolie Vola

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