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Rebel Heir: Bonus Epilogue

VanCity Villains, Bonus Material

I followed her gaze. And speak of the gorgeous manwhore, it was Johnny O'Reilly himself. And he was not alone. I looked at the woman who followed him through the door. She met my eyes. Her eyes widened. My jaw dropped. She gave me a half-embarrassed, half-annoyed semi-smile, darted a glance at Johnny's back...then subtly flipped me the finger.

Featured Couple

Lex & Talia


This is the bonus content epilogue for VanCity Villains #2 “Rebel Heir”, and can be downloaded directly for free from The epilogue takes place at Lex and Talia’s housewarming party, about 8 months after the events of Rebel Heir. Devi is visibly pregnant, Roni and Jude have a newborn baby, and Taylor and Cary’s son Gabe is 1. Meanwhile, Lex and Tal have bought a 1912 house in East Vancouver and are remodeling it. Maddox is their roommate.

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"I love you, too," I whispered. Then I gave him a final squeeze - and as I pulled back, I gave him a cheesy we're an awesome couple high five while we grinned at each other like dummies. No one was with us in the hallway to see it, so fuck it. "Go kick ass, husband," I told him. His tongue drifted over his teeth. "You first, wife."

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