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Rebel Heir

VanCity Villains, Book 2

"I mean, this story always went the same, right? If the devil wanted your soul, he'd get it. And if you proved unwilling to sell it to him, he'd just take it from you, piece by piece. Get you to cross lines you would never have crossed on your own, one at a time and so far apart, you'd soon forget where the last line was. Until one day, you were in so deep there was no way out." - Lex Davenport

Featured Couple

Lex & Talia


Rebel Heir is an edge-of-your-seat (fr)enemies to lovers romance about an outlaw biker with the Devil on his back, a good girl with a badass streak who’s about to find out who she really is, and a childhood marriage pact that comes back to haunt them both.

Character Bios

"There were people you liked, people you loved, people you thought you'd lay down your life for...and people you'd actually lay down your life for. Only right now did I know the actual difference." - Talia De Santis

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