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Sweet Temptation: Bonus Epilogue

Players, Bonus Material

"It's not just a proposal," he said seriously. "I meant, will you marry me right now."

Holy shit.

Featured Couple

Ash & Danica


This is the bonus content epilogue for Players #3 “Sweet Temptation”, and can be downloaded directly for free from The epilogue takes place mostly at Ash and Danica’s private impromptu wedding at “The Rock.”

Character Bios

"But for now..." He kissed my bottom lip softly, his lips tugging on mine. The tingles shot right down my body, and my lady parts clenched with desire. "Let's enjoy the hell out of our wedding night."

"Yes, please," I moaned. I had no idea what he had planned, but whatever it was... "Put me down for whatever you have in mind. Several times."

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