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Sweet Temptation

Players, Book 3

"Here was the key to charming people: never lie to them. Just find a truth they want to hear." - Summer Sorensen

Featured Couple

Summer & Ronan


Sweet Temptation is a smoking-hot, suspenseful bodyguard romance, with a badass, protective alpha hero and the sassy, irresistible heroine who melts his icy heart.

Character Bios

I now knew how very personal this was. All of it. I wasn't acting as a bodyguard tonight. I was acting as an enraged boyfriend. And all of it was for her. Tailing Sanchuk here and pulling a power drill on him, threating to torture him, beating the shit out of him? Leaving the Kings to take care of him? That was all personal. Because I was in love with Summer Sorensen. And you did not fuck with a woman I loved. - Ronan Sterling

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